France: Stadium with new security software

The Stade de l’Aube in Troyes (France) is equipped with Events Management software and a Mobil live application by the French company PACIFA decisions. These two security software solutions shall help stadium managers to avoid dangerous situations.

According to PACIFA the Events Management software gives the possibility to assess the needs of staff deployment according to specific inputs concerning each particular event. So it shall be possible to manage type and size of crowds expected by access, stands or blocks and to foresee and adjust the number and location of stewards or hostess depending of the area picked. All those data are collected and viewable in a three dimensional model of the venue.

Then, the day of the event itself, the saved configuration of the security dispositive is uploaded in tablet computers which will permit to follow in live all the key components of security management and to give to stadium safety officers decisions immediately available to them. It allows following the event progress from anywhere in and around the stadium. Using Wi-Fi technology and gathering PACIFA decision skills inside a touchpad screen, it gives the possibility to have a real time view on staff deployment by radiofrequency or GPS/GPRS tracking, CCTV live video streams and also a turnstile counting in each access with expected time of the final crowd entrance.

The possibility to permanently have an overview on the staff deployment and to follow their movement in and around the stadium enables the alternative to quickly solve an eventual trouble by knowing their exact location and motion. Pursuant to PACIFA decisions it is two times stronger because more than just tracking tags, the possibility to catch every CCTV streams permits to watch directly every problem or to follow its resolutions. Also the steward is able to activate quickly an alarm on his tracking tag and “that put the camera straight on to him and who the steward is immediately shown on the screen. That provides excellent management information for the safety officer to determine how to respond” according to Steve Frosdick, independent expert from IWI associates Ltd in the UK.

Finally, the PACIFA decision Mobil live application catches the turnstile counting in each access and gives the possibility to assess a live measurement of the finished time of the crowd entrance on every access or gates with the optimum mixture of stewards operating control and searching. “Doing that, we insure anticipation and decision making to avoid troubles or crowds interactions at any time during the event progress and it ensures to all spectators to be seated in time for kick-off”, explains the concern.

Bertrand Paquette, Head of International Events at the French Federation of Football (FFF) concludes that “it begins a new step in operation concerning stadium safety. With this kind of tools, we can succeed in managing and operating the stadium at the best, with a view of the potential faults of the system, and this in a really easy and simple way”. (Stadiaworld, 01.12.2011)

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